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About The Author

What is my mission and purpose?

I am a food lover with a passion for healthy and tasty meals, prepared in my Air Fryer. I want to inspire you with the convenience and endless possibilities of an Air Fryer.

Who am I?


Food has always been an important factor throughout my entire life. My mother is an amazing cook with influences from various exotic kitchens and can spend hours in the kitchen. From her I learned how incredible food should taste. However, I also strive for convenience and efficiency at the same time. Enter the Air Fryer. No more using multiple pans and tools to prepare a healthy, tasty meal. I was hooked.

Why FryHealthy?

I got so excited about cooking with an Air Fryer that I started to use it daily. As I wanted to find inspiration and recipes online, it was disappointing to see what was (not) out there. I know I am not alone in this. Therefore, my goal with this blog is to inspire the rest of the world to discover how convenient and healthy cooking with an Air Fryer can be.

What do I offer?

Expect tasty and healthy recipes with instructions, beautiful pictures or videos and lots of inspiration from me!