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These are the questions we receive often. Feel free to contact us if your question is not listed, for specific recipe questions or just to say hi.

About the recipes

Are all the recipes on this blog yours?

Yes, they are ours. However, sometimes we use existing recipes for inspiration and customise them for our blog; to make them work with the Air Fryer. When we do this, we will mention the original recipe.

Your name is FryHealthy, but not every recipe you make is healthy?

Most of our recipes are healthy, but we love to make treats once in a while and a balanced eating pattern allows a little snack. Also, an Air Fryer is a healthier option compared to the frying pan, because it uses less fat. Read more about the pros and cons of the Air Fryer.

Do I need to use food that is specifically made for the Air Fryer?

Not necessarily. It may be easier to use those products, because they are prepared for use with the Air Fryer. But, if you follow our instructions, you can use any ingredient you want!

Do you have any recipes for my diet?

Yes, we have vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free recipes.

Do I need to preheat the Air Fryer?

No. Although some instruction might tell you otherwise, we’ve found that this doesn’t add anything.

How often do you make new posts?

We make new recipes weekly. Subscribe to our newsletter here to stay updated!

Do you convert your measurements?

Not yet, but we are working on adding this feature soon!

Why is there no nutritional information listed with your recipes?

We are no dieticians, so we do not feel comfortable calculating this information ourselves. We try to list our ingredients very specifically, so you can easily find its nutritional values online, on the packaging or in your local store.

Where can I buy your cookbook?

Our cookbook is not ready yet. Join the waiting list (link to be added soon) to be the first to know about it!

How is your blog translated?

We use Google Translate to automatically translate our blog. Our blog is originally written in English. We do not control the translations. Our goal is to translate our blog better in the future, but that is not our first priority at the moment.

Using our content

Can I use your photos or recipes on my own blog or site?

No. Publishing our recipes elsewhere will negatively affect how FryHealthy appears in search results and it violates our copyright.

Sure! As long as you do not remove our watermark. We also appreciate it if you add a link back to our site.

What equipment do you use and recommend?

Air Fryers
Most of the time we use the Philips Viva Air Fryer. This is the most popular Air Fryer. We also have a Tristar Crispy Fryer XXL to make bigger meals. This one is a real budget buy, but it still works fine. The results are not too different, it’s just a case of getting used to it, to know how to work with the different types of Air Fryers. Do not let that scare you off, it is really easy to get started with an Air Fryer.

We currently use:

  • Round spring form (⌀ 15 cm)
  • Small heart-shaped and small round spring form (both ⌀ 12 cm)
  • Oven dish large (19,5 × 19,5 × 5 cm)
  • Oven dish small (19,8 × 14,5 × 6,5 cm) → fits in Philips Viva Air Fryer


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